Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool

Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool

Exploring God's Kingdom, Learning God's Love

100 Yaupon Drive
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
     (252) 393-6348       

Welcome Preschoolers!

 Preschool Registration 2020/2021

2020/2021 Classes and Tuition Rates

(Classroom placement will be based on child's age as of August 31st of enrollment school year)

2 Year Olds-Monday (Mother's Morning Out) $60.00 Per Month

3 Year Olds-Tuesday-Friday $220 Per Month (Must be potty trained)

4 Year Olds-Monday - Friday $275 Per Month (Must be potty trained)

There will be a $100 non-refundable registration fee due at time of enrollment. 

(Cash or check only)

A current immunization record will be required at time of registration.

Our currently enrolled preschool families can register February 17th through February 21st.

Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church Members can register February 24th through February 28th.


Doors Open at 9:00AM

Enrollment will be done on a first come first serve basis.

A clip board will be available outside the preschool door at 8:30AM for sign-ins.

Enrollment paperwork and additional information are available on this website under ENROLLMENT.

Enrollment forms will also be available at the time of registration.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions regarding enrollment, please feel free to call the preschool at

 252-393-6348 (M-F 8:30AM until 1:00PM)




Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our site!

Established in 1998, Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool is a small school with a HUGE purpose!

 We are blessed to have the opportunity to touch the lives of children in a working, playing, and learning preschool atmosphere, while sharing God’s love and promise with them. 


 It is a school that STRIVES to build confidence, expand creativity, develop social skills, and create an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Start your children off on the right foot to begin their school experience and make it the best it can be. Contact us today!






100 Yaupon Drive, Cape Carteret, NC